I'm Still Here

 Yep, i'm still around - the last few years have been super busy, but i'm still around.

I have continued editing down my vast collection of Road American and Milwaukee Mile race images and will be relaunching a huge collection of pictures soon.

In the meantime, my work schedule and Covid-19 haven't been playing as nice as I wished, but i'm hoping to get back to the track for the few remaining events in 2020

Please check back soon and keep an eye out on my instagram account to see whats happening

MotoAmerica at Road America

Morning practice and qualifying sessions nice and dry - settling in for lunch time and the rain starts. Hoping that the rain will pass through in the next hour and give us dry and sunny conditions for qualifying and races this afternoon.

IndyCar returns to Road America

IndyCar will make an appearance at Road America on Tuesday September 22, 2015 with a 1 day track test in anticipation to the Road America Grand Prix to be held June 23-26, 2016

IndyCar last raced at Road America during the 2007 season.